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Crowdfunding Marketing – Stop The Madness

This Just In – Crowdfunding Marketing is a Mad Waste of Money To regular readers of this crowdfunding blog it might seem I’m just repeating myself when it comes to my position on paying for crowdfunding marketing and the truth is – I am. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just that more and more news […]

Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame Part 2

Paying for Crowdfunding Marketing? Ad Fraud Could Rob You Blind. After just reading this in the Wall Street Journal: Microsoft and Google Browsers Had High Ad Fraud Rate, Study Claims I was inspired to publish a follow up piece to Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame. Read part 1 first then keep on reading. In part 1 […]

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign on TV – A Cautionary Tale. I was a first-hand witness to crowdfunding history this morning. What is usually a lazy Sunday morning turned into a scramble-for-my-phone and record-something-fast moment. That’s because I saw the first-ever TV commercial advertising a crowdfunding campaign. Yes indeed friends and neighbors! I was a witness […]

10 Ways to Boost Crowdfunding Promotion

Crowdfunding Promotion Tips to Generate More Traffic As a client builds and plans their crowdfunding project they turn to us for guidance and suggestions to help their crowdfunding campaign be the best it can be before it launches. After a client’s crowdfunding campaign launches and we distribute their press release and ramp up the social […]

Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame.

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign? Ad Blockers Are Running Interference. I fought off temptation to make this crowdfunding article nothing more than a list of links to articles about ad blockers and how they changed the game in Internet advertising. By extension this has a direct impact on anyone engaging in crowdfunding marketing. Thinking better of […]

Crowdfunding Marketing: The Success Catalyst

…”for a crowdfunding campaign to be truly successful, entrepreneurs must put effort into marketing it.” – John Boitnott, Inc. Magazine “Crowdfunding is not a “post it and forget it proposition.” Running a successful campaign requires a major time commitment in advance of, during and post campaign. It also requires that you be fearless in getting […]

Crowdfunding PR vs Advertising

The Showdown in Crowdfunding Promotion: Crowdfunding PR vs. Crowdfunding Advertising Welcome to the crowdfunding case study of the century! In this corner — crowdfunding advertising in the form of Facebook Ads, Google Ads and other forms of paid advertisement. And in this corner – crowdfunding publicity as applied through press releases, media outreach and social […]

Epic Crowdfunding PR is Not a Panacea

When Crowdfunding PR Can’t Prevail: A Crowdfunding Publicity Case Study First let’s turn to our handy dictionary for the definition of panacea… Panacea (noun) 1. a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all. 2. an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties: For years I’ve been trying to educate anybody even remotely involved with […]

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies Go Way Beyond Good Crowdfunding Promotion This crowdfunding campaign success webinar we ran on April Fools Day 2016 is very serious as it’s loaded with useful tactics and techniques along with a daily action plan geared towards achieving crowdfunding success. What this crowdfunding webinar will teach you: How to boost the […]

Crowdfunding Marketing :The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crowdfunding Marketing is a Minefield – Here’s Your Map Through It. So you went ahead; you clicked the button to launch your crowdfunding campaign and you’re on your way. Crowdfunding marketing may be on your mind, maybe not. As far as you know you’ve got your crowdfunding pitch video polished, your perks are perfect & […]

Cheap Crowdfunding Advertising For a Fiver

Cheap crowdfunding advertising is real, right? WRONG! A fiver is a common slang term meaning either 5 dollars, 5 euros, 5 British pounds, etc. What does a fiver buy you these days? A bottle of beer? Yes A fast food value meal? Yes A fancy drink at Starbucks? Yes Effective crowdfunding promotion? No On a […]

Crowdfunding Advertising Fails

If you spent thousands of dollars on advertising a crowdfunding campaign and got only a tiny percentage of the funds you needed how would you feel? Let’s ask Staples (the largest office supply and school supply retailer in the United States), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (yes, THAT Bill Gates of Microsoft fame) and […]

Free Crowdfunding Promotion Fails

Don’t bother with free crowdfunding promotion because you get what you get pay for. This isn’t one of those slideshows with pictures of cheerleaders in embarrassing positions or workers caught wrecking a warehouse or burning down the office. This is a more general post that might not be as entertaining as a slideshow as “celebrities […]

Crowdfunding PR – Go With The Pros

What happens when you promote a crowdfunding project with a traditional public relations company? Not much. That’s because conventional PR firms understand little to nothing about crowdfunding and how to attract potential crowdfunding backers. The smarter PR firms are wise enough to know their limitations. These are the PR firms that subcontract their crowdfunding PR […]

Advertising Tips for Crowdfunders

…and the rest of the world too. I’m watching Two and a Half Men right before dinner time and, as expected, all the dinnertime commercials are coming at me hot and heavy. (Side note – I know Two and a Half Men is over and done with. I know, I know. I still love it. […]

Crowdfunding Promotion Scams & How To Spot Them

When I saw this article that Joe Daniels wrote about crowdfunding advertising scams back in January I thought he pretty much wrote the book on the subject. But I was wrong. Yesterday it came to my attention that a brand new crowdfunding promotion website is for sale It seems that Joe Daniels only scratched the […]

A Crowdfunding Press Release: Myth and Fact

Like most things in this world, people have a diverse array of opinions about what something should and shouldn’t be. Be it a car that never needs an oil change or a human being that never needs to control the quality and quantity of food ingested or what a song should or shouldn’t sound like, […]

Advertise a Crowdfunding Campaign with Paid Ads?

Yes and no. Yes – but only after you’ve exceeded your crowdfunding goal by a comfortable margin. Otherwise the answer is no. An emerging crowdfunding success strategy is for a successful crowdfunding campaign to leverage existing success to draw in more and more backers vis a vis the snowball effect. I saw this once before […]

Advertise a Crowdfunding Campaign Every Day

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign should be as daily an activity as showering, eating and breathing. In much the same way as essential biological habits keep us not only alive but vibrant, daily discipline when you advertise a crowdfunding campaign pays daily dividends as well. That’s because you can only attract people to a crowdfunding project […]

Low Cost PR Tips to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

In this crowdfunding blog article we’ll discuss some efficient yet inexpensive PR tips to help promote a crowdfunding campaign without breaking the bank. The present day PR world has seen a drastically expanded scope of reach when it comes to a press release which translates to potentially huge crowdfunding gains without spending a whole lot […]