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Kickstarter Success the MST3K Way

Kickstarter Success is simple. Let’s see how Mystery Science Theater 3000 did it. Kickstarter success? I’ll tell you all about Kickstarter success. Today I am downloading all of the new MST3K movies. Yes I said downloading. Yes I said new. Hmmm it just occurred to me that lots and lots of people reading this blog […]

Crowdfunding the Gordon Ramsay Way

After three and a half years running Crowdfund Buzz I’ve come to one inescapable conclusion; crowdfunders fall into two categories.  The serious business professional intent on success and the amateur who has no idea what they’re doing.  What’s accelerated my own aging process and amplified my stress levels is that the first category of crowdfunder […]

Episode 16: FundThis – The Crowdfunding Platform That Does it All

As quickly as crowdfunding is evolving nobody saw this coming; a new crowdfunding platform with one-stop shopping for everything a crowdfunder needs to plan, launch, promote and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. Delivering every possible service and resource a crowdfunding campaign could ever need “all under one roof” FundThis CEO Felix Hartmann just changed the […]

Crowdfunding Success Case Study

Crowdfunding Success Opens Doors and Creates Opportunities And guess what? Crowdfunding success only happens with proper, prolonged and professional crowdfunding promotion. Here’s the proof. Today I woke up at around 5 AM – just another Manic Monday.  Client emails to Australia at 7 AM. Client call at 8 AM to Israel.  Then the gym and […]

Episode 15: Crowdfunding Success Strategies

While not even an hour long, this podcast is loaded with all of the information you need to know to achieve crowdfunding success. Much more than just another “crowdfunding success tips” article you’ll find on Google, this one-on-one podcast between Howard Sherman and YOU the listener takes a deep dive on all of the most […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns in 2017

Crowdfunding Campaigns In The Year Ahead – What to Expect Talk of crowdfunding campaigns on the eve of New Year’s Eve? Sure. Why not? Before you make your plans for tomorrow night or start your own new year’s eve party planning spend a few minutes seeing what’s next and new in 2017. And we’re talking […]

Crowdfunding Statistics Behind the Numbers

Crowdfunding Statistics Tell a Scary Tale; 65% of Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail. But that’s not the whole story. Crowdfunding statistics can’t be taken at face value. While it’s true that numbers don’t lie, crowdfunding statistics don’t provide the whole picture. That’s because the human element can’t be measured with mathematical precision. Let’s look at Kickstarter statistics […]

Five Tips on Crowdfunding Planning

Crowdfunding Planning is the First Best Step in Achieving Crowdfunding Success. You heard all the hoopla and decoded some of the hype and decided you want to use crowdfunding to help grow your business or help your non-profit. As you proceed you need to bear in mind that crowdfunding planning shouldn’t be considered optional; it […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns for Social Change

Crowdfunding Campaigns Beyond Products, Services or Even Fundraising How about a crowdfunding project to spread awareness of nuclear threats? Sounds boring – but it isn’t.  Not when you deliver the message through a compelling game coupled with rewards that hard to pass up. When y0u mix things up like that you end up with a […]

Writing a Crowdfunding Campaign

Writing a crowdfunding campaign? Let the words tell the story — not pictures. While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, words are worth as much as gold when it comes to Google and the other search engines. That’s because the search engines can only index text — not graphics. When writing […]

Crowdfunding as Market Testing

What Campbell’s Soup Can Teach Us About Crowdsourcing for a New Product Too often, we see crowdfunders that pin all of their hopes and dreams on a single crowdfunding campaign for their new idea. They’re convinced their product, service, film, album, etc. is brilliant and that everybody is going to want it. Dreams of yacht […]

The Global Crowdfunding Convention

The Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention is the Olympics of the crowdfunding industry. No, seriously. It is. Attendees come from all over the world to meet and listen to the best and the brightest in the crowdfunding world share their knowledge and wisdom of reward crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and donation crowdfunding. Anyone attending The Fifth Annual […]

Building a Crowdfunding Campaign for Clothing

Let’s give a warm welcome to guest blogger Hayley Cantor! Hayley is a Graphic Designer and Content Writer at Printsome based in the United Kingdom. At work she dabbles in a wide range of fields including illustration, live video art and psychology. In her spare time she trots around the globe with a backpack and […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns Aren’t Lottery Tickets

Crowdfunding Campaigns aren’t sure things either and nobody should treat them that way. With three years in crowdfunding promotion AND crowdfunding consulting under my belt, you’d think that nothing could surprise me in the world of crowdfunding campaigns. The fact is, I am endlessly amazed by the totally casual attitude most people take towards crowdfunding […]

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies Go Way Beyond Good Crowdfunding Promotion This crowdfunding campaign success webinar we ran on April Fools Day 2016 is very serious as it’s loaded with useful tactics and techniques along with a daily action plan geared towards achieving crowdfunding success. What this crowdfunding webinar will teach you: How to boost the […]

Crowdfunding Success and Failure & Reality

“You might think you have the best product going but the open market decides that.” – Robert Herjavec, Multimillionaire and Shark Tank Investor We all know the numbers by now – roughly 65% of all crowdfunding campaigns fail. According to Kickstarter the day I wrote this article – their published success rate is just 36.65% […]

Crowdfunding Tips: Reaching a Crowdfunding Audience

Before you even consider how to promote your crowdfunding campaign you need to ask yourself two important questions… What Are You Selling? And Who Will Buy It? Successful crowdfunding begins when you’ve accurately and honestly answered these questions. That’s because there’s no other way to identify your crowdfunding audience. Without knowing who you’re trying to […]

Running Two Crowdfunding Campaigns

At least once a month someone asks me for my advice about running two crowdfunding projects with the same goal at once. My answer every time is simple; don’t even think about it. It’s a mistake to think you’ll reach the crowdfunding goal you’ve set twice as fast by running multiple crowdfunding projects simultaneously. More […]

Crowdfunding Success Tip: Words Mean Things

Convincing backers to support a crowdfunding campaign probably works better if those crowdfunding backers aren’t called jockstraps. Looking at the screenshot above it’s not clear if the use of the term “athletic supporters” is intended to instill a sense of pride in sports fans who fund a crowdfunding campaign for their favorite sport or if […]

Crowdfunding Success is Impossible if You Cancel.

Why did this Kickstarter project get canceled within days of it being launched? Because the campaign manager felt it wasn’t making enough progress fast enough and decided to cancel the crowdfunding campaign instead of digging in his heels in and trying harder. The saddest part is – They were a Kickstarter staff pick and had […]