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crowdfuding elections

Crowdfunding Elections

Crowdfunding Elections – Superdemocracy is 30 year old tech whose time has come. Tim Stryker was way, way ahead of his time when he conceptualized crowdfunding elections in the late 1980s into the early 1990s.  He called it superdemocracy and his vision saw the democratic process turned on its ear.  It’s easy to connect just […]

crowdfunding ai

Crowdfunding AI

Crowdfunding AI: How Small Businesses Are Getting a Boost From Investors Crowdfunding AI was inevitable. Crowdfunding Artificial intelligence is seemingly overdue and is in position to make its debut. Thanks to crowdfunding in general and equity crowdfunding in particular, small businesses and startups finally have a fighting chance when compared to large corporations and enterprises. […]

equity v reward crowdfunding

Equity vs Reward Crowdfunding

Equity vs Reward Crowdfunding – A Fork in The Road for Startups You come up with the idea for the next big thing.  The trouble is your choice of capital; equity vs reward crowdfunding.  Now more than ever banks are very tightfisted when it comes to business loans, the VC market has many barriers to […]

crowdfunding basics

Crowdfunding Basics

Crowdfunding Basics – This Really Isn’t Rocket Science As we delve into crowdfunding basics we need to take a look back in history. Think back a decade or so ago. If you wanted to raise money for something, be it a new business venture or an invention, what did you do? In all likelihood, you […]

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore – Quite Possibly. We’re raising the alarm on potential crowdfunding fraud from Singapore and we have good reasons for doing so.  Over the past two or so weeks we have noticed an inordinately large number of Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns launching from Singapore.  We’re not going to waste our resources on firm […]

2020 Crowdfunding Vision

2020 Crowdfunding Vision: The Future of Crowdfunding is Clear. As we turn the page on 2019, 2020 crowdfunding vision is as clear as can be; crowdfunding is growing up.  Would-be crowdfunders are now approaching crowdfunding with more serious intent while the “easy money” clueless clowns stop polluting the crowdfunding sector with their idiotic easy-money ideas […]

Crowdfunding Tips from Burger King

Crowdfunding Tips from Burger King

Crowdfunding Tips from Burger King At first glance you might think that crowdfunding tips from Burger King is some kind of joke.  What you’re going to read here is certainly funny in a sad kind of way.  An “SMH” kind of way but also a very valuable way. Why? Because crowdfunding is on the map […]

viral crowdfunding

Viral Crowdfunding

Viral Crowdfunding – How to Raise $3 Million in 30 Days On September 14th Carson King accidentally redefined viral crowdfunding. He was in the bleachers at a football game and held up a sign asking for beer money and supplied his Venmo address.  Within minutes $400 landed in his account.  That trickle turned into a […]

equity crowdfunding vs reward crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Vs Reward Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Vs Reward Crowdfunding Raise capital or generate sales? The equity crowdfunding vs reward crowdfunding debate has an answer. Many small companies seeking to put their company on the map see crowdfunding as far more attractive than traditional loans or venture capital.  As a subset of that thinking, many companies choose to bypass equity […]

CES Survival Guide

CES Survival Guide

CES Survival Guide – A Public Service from the World’s #1 Crowdfunding PR Firm A CES Survival Guide concerning crowdfunding has been attempted by others with epic fails.  Here’s the REAL DEAL when it comes to a CES survival guide written by a Las Vegas local AND CES veteran. Best CES Survival Guide Tips 1. […]

pulling the trigger on crowdfunding

Pulling The Trigger On Crowdfunding

Pulling The Trigger On Crowdfunding – The Moment of Truth Friends, family and co-workers wonder why I always keep a bottle of liquor in arm’s reach.  When I tell them my job in crowdfunding public relations drives me to drink they roll their eyes.  They don’t understand the frustration of working with too many people […]

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever – A Surprising “Secret” The best crowdfunding success ever tip – as with so many things in crowdfunding – should automatically occur to anyone with common sense.  Sadly, as with so many things in crowdfunding, common sense is curiously absent. So what is the best crowdfunding success tip ever? Maintain […]

from crowdfunding to sharktank

From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank

From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank – Leveraging Crowdfunding Success Kickstarter campaigns end up on TV more often than you might think.  From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank is something we wrote about before. The serious entrepreneur sees Kickstarter as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.  The goal is not a successful crowdfunding campaign in […]

crowdfunding success x factor

Crowdfunding Success X Factor

Crowdfunding Success X Factor – Crowdfunding Bum Makes Crowdfunding Success Easier. Over the years we’ve seen new crowdfunding platforms come and ago  Crowdfunding Bum came.  Then went.  Then came back to deliver the crowdfunding success X Factor.  While Hurricane Maria knocked out most of Puerto Rico through devastating damage and death leading to island-wide power […]

crowdfunding fraud hits critical mass

Crowdfunding Fraud at Critical Mass

Crowdfunding Fraud at Critical Mass – Without New Controls, Sector Failure is Imminent We’re going to exclude equity crowdfunding from this conversation of crowdfunding fraud at critical mass since existing government regulation and compliance is already in place as an excellent preventative mechanism when it comes to crowdfunding fraud.  Anyone running an equity crowdfunding campaign […]

The Monetary Insufficiency

The Monetary Insufficiency – What Sheldon Cooper Taught Us About Crowdfunding Reality in 60 Seconds The entire episode – as usual – is a hoot but we want to focus here at roughly the 2 minute time mark when the Kickstarter conversation comes up. You’ ll laugh. I did.  And I’m laughing again right now […]

Atari VCS Indiegogo

Atari VCS Indiegogo – A Tale of Two Cities The Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign has two distinctive camps.  Predictably we have all the fans that pledged $2 million on day one with website traffic so high Indiegogo actually crashed for the first time ever.  Equally predictable are the haters who think the Atari VCS Indiegogo […]

Denying Crowdfunding Reality

Denying Crowdfunding Reality Denying Crowdfunding Reality is perfectly illustrated in episode 14, season 5 of The ABC hit comedy The Goldbergs entitled Hail Barry. Specifically the sub-plot involving Beverly Goldberg who is in absolute denial about her new line of jackets. She thinks they’re the most epic jackets in the history of clothing.  But actually […]

Crowdfunding Success With Indiegogo

Crowdfunding Success With Indiegogo – Start on Kickstarter & Keep Going with Indiegogo As strange as it may sound, crowdfunding success with Indiegogo started for Transformer Table 2.0 on Kickstarter… Then they transferred their successful Kickstarter campaign to Indiegogo who tallied all of the earned credit and history and put them Indemand… And voila! Crowdfunding […]

Crowdfunding Success Factors

Crowdfunding Success Factors – They Work When You Use Them and You Fail if You Don’t Crowdfunding success factors in 2018 are pretty much the same they were last year.  The sad thing is, almost nobody pays attention to this so the campaign fails. The key crowdfunding success factors are: Tell a good story. Let […]