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Equity Crowdfunding

Should I Do Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding Problems

Equity Crowdfunding Problems – Let’s Start With Where’s All The Money? Equity crowdfunding problems are impossible to ignore considering the top ten equity crowdfunding websites raised less than $100 million collectively during the first nine months of 2020.  With years to ramp up and grow why isn’t this number much higher? Say… a billion dollars? […]

StartEngine Starring Mr Wonderful

StartEngine Starring Mr Wonderful

StartEngine Starring Mr Wonderful – Sharktank Shark Kevin O’Leary loves numbers but gets his StartEngine numbers wrong. StartEngine commercials have been playing all day on CNBC and Fox Business News endlessly for weeks.  The thing is, the StartEngine Starring Mr Wonderful commercials are shockingly inaccurate.  I won’t go so far as to claim false advertising […]

equity crowdfunding traction

Equity Crowdfunding Traction

Why Equity Crowdfunding Traction is Critical to Crowdfunding Success. To scare you straight on how important equity crowdfunding traction is let’s visit the graveyard of dead or dying equity crowdfunding platforms.  In all fairness, there are a few platforms listed that are active – a few are vibrant.  Most aren’t.  The vast majority are dead.  […]

Coronavirus Investment Guide

Coronavirus Investment Guide

Coronavirus Investment Guide – Where To Put Your Money Now. March Madness isn’t just about basketball anymore.  A coronavirus investment guide has become necessary in light of the stock market cratering in historic ways last week.  Investors seeking safe havens are coming up short; gold is down and so is Bitcoin. Putting money in treasury […]

Equity Crowdfunding Facebook Fails

Equity Crowdfunding Facebook Fails – 14 Case Studies All in One Place Crowdfunding marketing is essential.  That’s been made abundantly clear over time.  Equity crowdfunding Facebook fails, as a topic, is not clear but it should be to any observant entrepreneur. Sadly, too many entrepreneurs are not observant and end up wasting far too much […]

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain Proves Cryptocurrency is Alive and Well While everyone is happy to see Bitcoin up 20% over the past few days, the whole world should be relieved to learn that other cryptocoins like Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain is making blockchain work in the real world. We welcome guest blogger Kris Chen, a senior member […]

indiegogo equity crowdfunding

Indiegogo Pulled the Plug on Equity Crowdfunding

Indiegogo Pulled the Plug on Equity Crowdfunding Two Months Ago. Here’s the Amazing, Awesome Part; We were the first ones to notice. You saw it here first: Indiegogo Pulled the Plug on Equity Crowdfunding.  Crowdfund Buzz reviews the crowdfunding world all the time.  We’re a finger-on-the-pulse crowdfunding firm which is why we are the best […]

equity crowdfunding vs reward crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Vs Reward Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Vs Reward Crowdfunding Raise capital or generate sales? The equity crowdfunding vs reward crowdfunding debate has an answer. Many small companies seeking to put their company on the map see crowdfunding as far more attractive than traditional loans or venture capital.  As a subset of that thinking, many companies choose to bypass equity […]

equity crowdfunding pr

Equity Crowdfunding PR

Equity Crowdfunding PR – The Surest Way to Reach More Investors and Raise More Capital When it comes to promoting an equity crowdfunding campaign Facebook ads are all the rage.  As a result it looks like equity crowdfunding PR is taking a backseat when it comes to crowdfunding promotion  That’s tragic as so many potential […]

Attracting Equity Crowdfunding Investors

Attracting Equity Crowdfunding Investors – Whales vs. Minnows When it comes to attracting equity crowdfunding investors it’s more than just another numbers game. While determining the best path to attracting equity crowdfunding investors is steeped in math,  the bigger picture tilts towards logic. The first factor to consider is your funding goal.  The most popular […]

Equity Crowdfunding Comes of Age

Equity Crowdfunding Comes of Age

Equity Crowdfunding Comes of Age – Raising More Money and Building Bigger Companies Faster. When it comes to equity crowdfunding what a difference a few months can make.  Back in December when Bitcoin was at $20,000 and investors in cryptocurrency all together were making tons of money on an hourly and daily basis, equity crowdfunding […]

Crowdfunding to Save Lives

Crowdfunding to Save Lives – What We Can Learn From the Recent News of Flooding Death and Destruction Crowdfunding to save lives is something not often seen but so necessary. First sub tropical storm Alberto.  Then the horrible flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland for the second time in two years and now the jilting news […]

Equity Crowdfunding is Getting Crushed by Cryptocoin

Equity Crowdfunding is Getting Crushed by Cryptocoin. Here’s Why.  And How to Fight Back. Equity Crowdfunding is Getting Crushed by Cryptocoin. Why? Bitcoin.  Ethererum.  Litecoin.  Cryptocurrencies are giving investors fast and easy access to some of the sexiest gains in the history of finance.  Cryptocoin like Bitcoin is dominating every sector of the news.  Case […]

Equity Crowdfunding Public Relations

Equity Crowdfunding Public Relations is the Clear Path to Investors. Equity crowdfunding promotion is done very differently than promoting a crowdfunding campaign that is rewards-based (vis a vis Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) We do crowdfunding PR for both reward and equity crowdfunding campaigns so we fully understand the dynamics of each and the best crowdfunding promotion […]

Equity Crowdfunding Promotion

Raising Capital Through Crowdfunding? Put Equity Crowdfunding Promotion at the Top of Your List. Equity crowdfunding is emerging as the funding tool of choice for companies of all stripes and sizes from startups to corporations listed on stock exchanges.  We’ve seen a stumbling block for equity crowdfunders that their kissing cousins in the reward crowdfunding […]

Equity Crowdfunding Book Review

EQUITY CROWDFUNDING – The Complete Guide for Startups and Growing Companies Nathan Rose, a recent guest on our crowdfunding podcast, has penned the seminal book on equity crowdfunding. We’re making some history here because we’ve never published a crowdfunding book review before. There’s generally no point in doing so as nearly every crowdfunding book published […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns in 2017

Crowdfunding Campaigns In The Year Ahead – What to Expect Talk of crowdfunding campaigns on the eve of New Year’s Eve? Sure. Why not? Before you make your plans for tomorrow night or start your own new year’s eve party planning spend a few minutes seeing what’s next and new in 2017. And we’re talking […]

Episode 14: Equity Crowdfunding with Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is a rising star in the global equity crowdfunding scene thanks to his strong financial background in investment banking cultivated during his tenure at Forsyth Barr. As founder and director of Assemble Advisory, Nathan provides consulting, training and coaching to help clients every step of the way in planning and executing an equity […]

Episode 13: Ruth Hedges, The Crowdfunding Queen

Ruth E. Hedges is one the world’s foremost authorities on crowdfunding and is one of the original pioneers of the legislation that was ultimately signed into law as the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012. She was honored with an invitation to the White House for its Crowdfunding Champions of Change event. Ruth created and […]

The Global Crowdfunding Convention

The Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention is the Olympics of the crowdfunding industry. No, seriously. It is. Attendees come from all over the world to meet and listen to the best and the brightest in the crowdfunding world share their knowledge and wisdom of reward crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and donation crowdfunding. Anyone attending The Fifth Annual […]