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Atari VCS Indiegogo

Atari VCS Indiegogo – A Tale of Two Cities

Atari VCS Indiegogo

The Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign has two distinctive camps.  Predictably we have all the fans that pledged $2 million on day one with website traffic so high Indiegogo actually crashed for the first time ever.  Equally predictable are the haters who think the Atari VCS Indiegogo perks are overpriced for underwhelming performance.

In this case the Atari VCS Indiegogo haters raise some good points.

While Atari put it out there that the specs are subject to change, tech purists can’t help but hate premium pricing on old tech.  Yet it’s impossible to ignore the fact that in just three days nearly 10,000 people pledged over $2.4 million to receive their Atari VCS Indiegogo perk over a year from now.

The teachable moment of the Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign is the emotional draw of the offering.  My dad brought home an original Atari VCS (later to be known as the Atari 2600 after the release of the Atari 5200 and with the Atari 7800 on the horizon…. wait, let me stop the history lesson right now…) some thirty-five years ago and my life was never the same.

I was – and remain – an Atari fan boy.  As I aged through the 1980s I ended up with an Atari 800XL with an 810 AND a 1050 disk drive plus enough floppies of software to bring a tear to the eye.  Let me take affinity for the Atari VCS one step further; before I relocated to the Las Vegas Valley I sold boxes of Atari gear that could only be called rare and valuable treasures ranging from an Atari 825 dot matrix printer to an Atari 850 interface, piles of original-boxed software and all the rest.  HOLD IT.  I’m going too retro here.  MOVING ON….

OK so I’m a self-confessed Atari fanboy who wouldn’t hesitate to buy an ATR-8000 if I could or a Happy-enabled 810. I would probably be speechless if I could buy an Indus GT disk drive….. but am I pulling the trigger on backing the Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign? Not yet.  I promised my daughter a Nintendo Switch with Splatoon 2 and the Mario game of her choice at the end of this semester on the condition of excellent grades across the board.

While my daughter played games on my old Atari 130XE (yes, I eventually upgraded) and truly enjoyed them she would stare daggers at me if I unpacked anything other than a Nintendo Switch this summer.  The Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign indicated the new Atari VCS won’t ship until next July so maybe she’ll be in a fresh surprise next summer…

See? I went off on a tangent of a type with my reminiscing over all the Atari hardware I’ve enjoyed over the decades.  The teachable moment here is that PERCEIVED value will always trump ACTUAL value.  Is a modern Atari VCS worth the price being charged on Indiegogo? From a purely dollars-and-cents point of view probably not.  But from an emotional perspective of what’s being offered and what future possibilities Atari may deliver…. the Atari VCS Indiegogo is priceless.

That’s the core of any crowdfunding success; a gentle yet persistent tug on the heart strings.  People will pay almost anything for what they want.

As such, I will probably end up getting one before the campaign is over.  Just because….

At the end of the day we’re proud to be a part of the Atari VCS Indiegogo success story.