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Advertising Tips for Crowdfunders

…and the rest of the world too.

I’m watching Two and a Half Men right before dinner time and, as expected, all the dinnertime commercials are coming at me hot and heavy. (Side note – I know Two and a Half Men is over and done with. I know, I know. I still love it. #Winning #Tigerblood)

Advertisers put timing on their side every chance they get. Such as running almost non-stop food commercials between 4-7 PM to answer that age-old question – What’s for dinner?

Mom’s tired, dad’s working late, the kids are burning everybody out. There’s nothing in the fridge. Nobody wants to cook. Stomachs start growling… blood sugar levels get dangerously low…

As you can see — timing is KEY in advertising and promotion. Crowdfunders take note of this. Crowdfunding campaign promotion should take full advantage of timing at every opportunity.

Let’s train our marketing microscope on the importance of timing. Follow along with me….

So first comes up a commercial for Little Caesar’s. They don’t deliver. And they brag about that. It’s brave of them to turn a weakness into a bragging point but foolish.

I give them credit in trying to exploit the weakness of pizza delivery websites – and they’re not wrong. Login accounts, passwords, preferences, blah blah. blah. What a hassle!

I want pizza. I want pizza NOW. And I want pizza without any hassles.

Check out this Little Caesar’s commercial and see for yourself….

There are several derivatives of this core concept. If you’re a marketing major surf over to YouTube and search for “little caesars pizza commercial 2015” for many examples.

The thing is… Domino’s Pizza DESTROYED this problem. How do I know? The commercial below aired during the SAME COMMERCIAL BREAK of Two and a Half Men roughly 60 seconds after the Little Ceasar’s pitch. See again how potent timing can be when advertising anything? After watching the Little Caesar’s commercial you’re reaching for your car keys when the Domino’s commercial hits and suddenly… in 60 seconds flat … you don’t need to drive anywhere to get fresh pizza QUICKLY and EASILY. See for yourself:

Let’s put aside Domino’s strategic use of beautiful women who happen to be celebrities for now. We’ll cover that topic in an advanced advertising class.

The core marketing message is what we need to keep our eyes on right now. Your eyes can feel free to wander later.

Little Caesar’s started their ad pitch touting how getting in the car, driving over to a pizza shop to pick up the pizza and schlep it back home is waaaaay easier — in 2014. And through 2015.
(It never was easier — I’d rather figure out my login to Papa John’s then kill 30 minutes of my precious time driving for pizza…. that’s why I label this attempt as brave but foolish.)

The competition had ample to time to react. Papa John’s started a reward’s program. Domino’s made ordering pizza as easy as texting somebody.

Meanwhile Little Caesar’s didn’t change a thing. TIMING — They had it, the other guys gained it and since they didn’t move fast enough Little Caesar’s lost it.

Maybe that’s why Little Caesar’s disappeared from large stretches of the East Coast. I predict the entire company will be in serious trouble if they don’t get with the program and start delivering pizzas. And make it seriously easy AND rewarding. THEN the timing pendulum will swing back their way.

If you’re into crowdfunding campaign advertising you need to pay very close attention to timing in the world around you — in popular TV shows and TV commercials, breaking news and social trends.

If you’d rather not sweat the detail of promoting a crowdfunding project we’ll be happy to help you with all this heavy lifting.