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Advertising Crowdfunding: What Mad Men Can Teach Us

Why are the guys on the right side of the table in the Mad Men clip above so uncertain and perhaps even nervous? Because they want to make more sales and there’s no way to know if the advertising ideas Don Draper and his team delivered from the other side of the table will work.

Why? Because advertising and promotion comes with no guarantees yet without a PR and advertising campaign, financial goals can’t be reached.

These could be the sales goals of the Lucky Strike cigarette brand or the crowdfunding goal of any project.

We’ve said it before on this blog that crowdfunding is selling. Whether you’re selling a new watch, an overnight bag or a whole new way to produce kitty litter or even a fundraising initiative- a crowdfunding project is trying to sell something to people who buy it when they back the crowdfunding campaign. Advertising crowdfunding campaigns helps make this happen. Without sufficient crowdfunding promotion any crowdfunding success boils down to nothing more than luck.

Unless you’re gambling in a casino you should never rely on luck to win.

Watch the above clip again. When Don Draper of Mad Men pitches a new advertising idea to a client three things are happening:

1) The client is presented an idea for a marketing campaign that the client knows may or may not work since everyone knows there are no guarantees in advertising, promotion or public relations. This holds true when promoting crowdfunding projects too.

2) The client considers the marketing strategy and gives their feedback to The Mad Men. We do the same thing with our crowdfunding PR clients when we write their press release and send them the draft for their review and approval.

3) The PR and advertising professionals run the campaign with the goal of boosting public awareness that hopefully leads to more sales. This is exactly what happens when we advertise a crowdfunding campaign also.

Does promotion and advertising guarantee the sales goal (or crowdfunding goal) is reached every time? No. But the goal can’t be reached without enough PR and promotion to get the word out there to enough people who can make the decision to back a crowdfunding project.

Feel free to consider our own president Howard Sherman as Don Draper. He’s got the ideas and the magic to run a successful crowdfunding advertising campaign. He’s also been known to drink Canadian Club whiskey from time to time – just like Don Draper.

As an added bonus here’s the Mad Men final season trailer: