Crowdfunding Public Relations That Builds Buzz Every Time.

Advertise a Crowdfunding Campaign Every Day

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign should be as daily an activity as showering, eating and breathing.

In much the same way as essential biological habits keep us not only alive but vibrant, daily discipline when you advertise a crowdfunding campaign pays daily dividends as well.

That’s because you can only attract people to a crowdfunding project if they know it’s there. Advertising a crowdfunding campaign – like any other advertising activity – is hit or miss at best. That’s why repetition is the key. The advertising term is called effective frequency and while no one can agree on HOW MUCH repetition is necessary EVERYONE agrees that repeating an advertising message over and over is crucial to get the message across to potential consumers — or in our case potential crowdfunding backers.

This time of the year with spring in full swing and summer around the corner we can’t change channels on TV without seeing a commercial for weight loss products every few minutes. Why? Because an enormous sector of the population will be hitting the beach in roughly 2-3 months which brings thoughts of bikinis and bathing suits — and the mental imagery of how we’ll look on the beach in just a few weeks in that bikini or bathing suit.

Which is exactly why diet systems, fat burning pills, ab exercising machines guaranteed to give you six packs and all the rest are on TV and radio – and Internet ads – morning, noon and night throughout spring and summer. You’re bombarded with this advertising messaging because advertisers don’t know WHEN their next ad will hit their target to get another buyer – but they know it will. This holds equally true when advertising a crowdfunding project.

Whether reaching a crowdfunding backer – or a buyer of any type – the goal is to reach consumers capable of making a decision with what to do with their money.

Another seasonal example here is the ASPCA. They run ads constantly this time of year. Why? Because as warmer weather comes, people with stone cold hearts kick their pets out of the house. Oh yes. They turn out their cats and dogs to the street to fend for themselves under the sad assumption that Fluffy or Rover will fare better in fending for themselves in April than they can in autumn. While that’s perhaps 2% true in the sense that warmer weather is on the poor animal’s side, a domesticated pet simply doesn’t have the skills to forage or fend for themselves properly with any serious chance of success.

And that’s why the ASPCA asks people to give a monthly gift of $18 per month. And they ask for this money all day and all night from March straight through to Memorial Day and perhaps beyond…

This equates equally well to a crowdfunding campaign for a worthy cause. Be it helping a student get out of debt and paying off their student loans or helping a world-famous retired computer game designer help pay his medical bills to fight cancer or any other worthy purpose one thing is clear; repetition is the key to crowdfunding success.

That’s why every crowdfunding campaign manager must make sure to promote a crowdfunding campaign on a daily basis and across several different channels and mediums every day of the week. One of my favorite sayings really rings true here; “Rinse and repeat as often as necessary”. Advertising a crowdfunding project is an essential daily activity to be sure. After you wake up in the morning and go through your daily routine make sure that crowdfunding promotion is on your daily to-do list.