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A Crowdfunding Press Release: Myth and Fact

Like most things in this world, people have a diverse array of opinions about what something should and shouldn’t be. Be it a car that never needs an oil change or a human being that never needs to control the quality and quantity of food ingested or what a song should or shouldn’t sound like, everyone has their perception.

We’re going to put to rest the fiction of what the uninformed in the world of crowdfunding PR perceives a press release to be and set the record straight with how a solid crowdfunding press release can be a firestarter in crowdfunding promotion and beyond.

Myth: A Crowdfunding Press Release is your chance to sell people on your product or service.
Fact: A crowdfunding press release is meant to pique media interest and engage the curiosity of readers to the degree they want to find out more.

Explanation: People are bombed with sales propositions from the time they wake up to the minute they turn out the lights and go to sleep. This is almost always in the form of advertising in every form — TV commercials, radio spots, billboards, newspaper ads, you name it. Most advertising is ignored because of the endless flood of advertising in all forms (ever wonder why advertising is ONLY successful through repetition of the ad? Wonder no more. The ad’s got to be out there over and over and over to shrine through the crowd and be heard above all the other noise out there.) A compelling press release has a hook in the headline, a hard-to-ignore tease in the subheadline and a body that won’t quit…. building interest.

Myth: We have to tell the world everything about our crowdfunding project in the press release. That’s how advertising a crowdfunding campaign works.
Fact: You have to give the world a sketch of the story – what you’ve come up with, how you did it and where people can find out more. We want to entice reporters, journalists, editors and bloggers and the public at large with something newsworthy so they want to get in touch and find out more. Ditto potential crowdfunding backers. Consider the press release the bait. Once somebody bites, the goal is to reel them in and get you crowdfunding press coverage or get more money crowdfunding – or both!

Explanation: Members of the media can read faster than you can possibly imagine and make a decision based on what they read so speedily it could scare you. What’s scarier? The general public is reading less and less and by and large have the attention span of a frantic teenager. If you put all of your cards on the table early on, the game is often lost right then and there. The goal is to make a crowdfunding press release compelling enough to garner attention while raising as much curiosity as we can to beckon the blogger or writer or editor or general member of the public to find out more. And that’s when we get a real shot in taking a crowdfunding project to the next level.

Myth: The search engines demote websites in search engine rankings if they’re linked from a press release and, in general, search engines can’t help me.
Fact: Search engine results neither reward nor penalize websites linked from a press release. Furthermore, anyone in search of what you’re doing now or what you’re doing right now or did six months or a year ago can change your life for the better.

Explanation: I’ve succeeded in getting client products featured on “As Seen On TV” commercial spots, invited to international trade shows and approached by major distributors months and sometimes even years after their crowdfunding campaign ended. How is this possible? The TV people, the product distributors, the venture capitalists and just plain old people are searching the Internet every day for what they want or need. Every press release we distribute is on Google, Yahoo! and Bing forever. There’s no telling at what point down the road when you have a whole new opportunity fall into your lap based on the crowdfunding press release we launched for you at any point in the past -or what sales you can make today.