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2020 Crowdfunding Vision

2020 Crowdfunding Vision: The Future of Crowdfunding is Clear.

As we turn the page on 2019, 2020 crowdfunding vision is as clear as can be; crowdfunding is growing up.  Would-be crowdfunders are now approaching crowdfunding with more serious intent while the “easy money” clueless clowns stop polluting the crowdfunding sector with their idiotic easy-money ideas that nobody is buying.

Crowdfunding is increasingly perceived as a serious business tool yet remains one of the most misunderstood methods of raising capital and acquiring customers in the history of the world.

2020 crowdfunding vision requires total clarity to the public.  Your potential backer or investor needs to understand your value proposition and believe in it.

What makes YOUR Kickstarter the best wireless iPhone charger ever?

Does your Indiegogo campaign for a new water bottle make sense?

Why should an investor risk their money in your equity crowdfunding campaign when they can make 20-30% on the stock market without even thinking about it? (Wall Street Journal: The Bull Market Is Charging Into 2020 )

People need to see you’re serious and see the full potential of your offer in about 60 seconds.

At the top of the food chain is a patent.  If you’re holding a patent you mean business.  The patent is the gold standard of people taking you and your idea seriously.

Right below that is a working prototype.  Your crowdfunding pitch video should have a working prototype that people can see in action.

Running a very close third; do you have a proven track record? Can people see your past work?

All in all the public needs a high level of certainty for them to seriously consider giving you money in exchange for what you’re offering.

2020 can be the best year for crowdfunding ever and fortunes stand to be made for the savvy business person.  It all starts with crystal clear vision.