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10 Ways to Boost Crowdfunding Promotion

Crowdfunding Promotion Tips to Generate More Traffic


As a client builds and plans their crowdfunding project they turn to us for guidance and suggestions to help their crowdfunding campaign be the best it can be before it launches. After a client’s crowdfunding campaign launches and we distribute their press release and ramp up the social media promotion, we’re often asked “What’s next?”. This crowdfunding promotion road map answers that question by giving crowdfunders a definite sense of direction along with specific daily activities as a part of promoting a crowdfunding project. Follow this ten point plan and stick to it for the best possible chances of success.

1. Write a crowdfunding project that’s so good people are almost hypnotized into sharing it.

The written story is the most important part of all crowdfunding campaigns. Yes, it’s even more important than a crowdfunding pitch video. Average content doesn’t cut it when it comes to crowdfunding promotion.

Why? A well-written crowdfunding story gets your crowdfunding campaign to shine through ll of the other projects in the crowd. You stand out as the best and be worthy to rank high in Google. Analyze websites, blogs and articles related to your topic and go the extra mile to make the written story of your crowdfunding project the best it can be. If you use our crowdfunding consulting services, you gain access to a top gun copywriter who’ll make sure your story shines.

What’s better than excellent search engine rankings? People checking out your project will be much more motivated to use all of the share tools and tell all of their friends, family, etc. how cool your crowdfunding campaign is. That’s when crowdfunding promotion goes on autopilot.

2. Become a guest blogger

Guest blogging remains of one of the most powerful methods to score excellent crowdfunding publicity. That’s because blog articles you write for another website drives referral traffic from blogs relevant to your crowdfunding project. This can attract potential backers who are more likely to be interested in what you’re crowdfunding for.

3. Analyze your project traffic and amp up the sources of your best traffic

Thanks to the crowdfunding promotion statistics we give all of our clients, you can keep a close eye on all of your crowdfunding traffic and analyze which sources are sending you the most visitors and focus your efforts on pulling even better results.

4. Make your crowdfunding headlines shine

Write your headlines with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind while making sure they are also appealing to humans. A good headline can improve your traffic from search engines and social media. Feel free to use any article on this blog as points of reference.

5. Write your crowdfunding story with SEO in mind

Closely related to the previous point, organic search engine clicks is one of the best sources of new potential backers. Google and also Bing and Yahoo index popular sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter and GoFundMe which means they are processing and ranking new crowdfunding campaigns on a daily basis. Put the search engines to work for you by making your entire project SEO-friendly from top to bottom. People who may be looking for a product, service or solution through Google could easily stumble on your project and become your next backer! You could call this accidental crowdfunding promotion! Just one more time, we can handle all of the SEO for you if you put one of our crowdfunding consultants on your team.

6. Engage with influencers in your space

If you want bloggers and other influencers to notice you and your crowdfunding project, make sure you do things that get you noticed. Get active on their blogs/websites and engage them and their audience by leaving comments to their posts or articles. You should start doing this weeks, perhaps even months before you project launch date and keep on doing it every single day.

7. Get involved with discussion forums, bulletin boards, Facebook groups & Google+ Communities

Every possible interest you can imagine has some sort of community where people meet, talk and hangout. You can meet and talk to lots of people, many of which could be potential backers of your project. As with point #6 you should start this process as far in advance of your project as you can. It’s critical you make sure your posts are valuable and not spammy; bring something noteworthy to any conversation. Be a valuable member of any community and feel free to put links to your website and crowdfunding project in your signature. If you regularly make meaningful contributions folks might consider checking out your campaign or your website.

8. Participate in Q&A platforms

Q&A websites are a great source of crowdfunding traffic. There are hundreds of questions published every day on every topic you can think of and you should be the first one to answer questions in tune with the topic of your project. Some of the most popular Q&A platforms are:

Yahoo Answers
Mind the book
Stack Overflow

9. Crowdfunding with CraigsList

Best known for selling and buying physical products in a specific geographical area, Craigslist is a frequently untapped resource for promoting a crowdfunding campaign. You can post in any number of discussion forums or a category related to your project. You could post an ad with your perk as a product for sale to drive traffic to your crowdfunding campaign.

10. Hold a Launch Party

Launch parties aren’t just for big corporations anymore. Anybody can and should hold one for a crowdfunding campaign. Our client True.Ink had an epic launch party in NYC which led to lots of press and a very successful crowdfunding campaign. They went on to hold other project events to great effect and lots of excellent, free crowdfunding publicity. While it’s best to host a launch event the day your project goes live, you can make this a project party at any time and get people to come by in person to meet you and find out about your project. Make sure you have a laptop or two or three set up to make it easy for people to to back your campaign on the spot.