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  • Crowdfunding Consultant

    Crowdfunding Consultant

    Every client gains access to a crowdfunding consultant. At your request, a crowdfunding consultant will analyze your current campaign and make detailed suggestions specific to your project. Our individualized attention to your project and our proven tips and techniques have helped hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns reach success. We know everything there is to know about successful crowdfunding thanks to years of experience. Our crowdfunding consulting will give you the edge you need to succeed giving you insights and even campaign edits to help you raise more money.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Organic social media is one of the most powerful and important elements of crowdfunding promotion. It's obvious that crowdfunding promotion through social media can bring in backers instantly. Our clients enjoy the best of influencer marketing without the high cost. Industry standards dictate we should charge $500 or more PER POST but we don't. Our flat-rate social media promotion gives you tremendous value for crowdfunding marketing. Your crowdfunding campaign is shared with our huge audience of fans and followers PLUS our extensive network of social media influencers.to power up your crowdfunding advertising.

  • Crowdfunding Public Relations

    Crowdfunding Public Relations

    Over the years we've developed contacts and relationships with influential journalists, editors, show producers and bloggers who ALWAYS take our calls and answer our email. We have all of the best media contacts in every industry and commercial sector. Whether you're crowdfunding for a new type of cooking oil, an AI drone or a flying car we know exactly who to get in touch with to make a crowdfunding public relations pitch for your project. The result? We can get you crowdfunding publicity nobody else can.

  • Professional Press Release

    Professional Press Release

    Our professional copywriter will write a custom press release for your project intended to create shockwaves of interest in your campaign.That's because we guarantee crowdfunding promotion to an audience of 20-40 million readers through trusted news and media outlets including the biggest websites spanning newspapers, TV and radio stations. Through our valuable syndication agreements, we never fail to get our crowdfunding campaigns on news and media websites across the United States. Call us name droppers but your press release will be published in top news websites such as the Los Angeles Daily News, The Miami Herald, The San Jose Mercury News, the Kansas City Star among many, many others.

  • Guaranteed TV & Radio Guest Appearances

    Guaranteed TV & Radio Guest Appearances

    Thanks to our on-air media department, Crowdfunding PR clients at our higher tiers of crowdfunding promotion service enjoy guaranteed guest bookings on top TV and radio shows across the country. No "community channels" or "college radio"; You or your spokesman will be booked on top market shows with large audiences. Don't be nervous and don't panic! We give you unlimited media coaching to make sure you're primed and perfect before you go on the air. When you're a show guest you give your crowdfunding campaign & your company instant credibility you can't get any other way while reaching hundreds of thousands of potential backers, possibly millions.

  • Telegram Promotion

    Telegram Promotion

    Over 300,000,000 people chat on Telegram about the things that interest them most on channels. Every topic imaginable is to be found; music, movies, books, travel, food and... investing. We maintain two channels on Telegram and our investment channel boasts over 25,000 subscribers looking for the latest business news and the hottest investment tips. We run our Telegram channels and promote your crowdfunding campaign to our subscribers and beyond. When you sign up with us our full-time staff member working Telegram is working for you in promoting your crowdfunding campaign not only on our own channels but EVERY Telegram channel that's a good fit for your campaign. If you're a client entitled to our Telegram services you're basically getting a full-time salesperson out there promoting you to an audience of 300 million+ every day!

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