Our Performance Guarantee To You

We understand that crowdfunding campaign promotion, website advertising, etc, can be confusing and filled with uncertainty. For many people running a crowdfunding campaign or launching a website, this is also their first foray into the business world.  Those details are challenging enough let alone the daunting task of selecting a public relations firm and paying for promotion services.

As a result, it’s been our experience that a lot of people have a lack of understanding of how PR works and what the possible outcomes of advertising and promotion could be over all.

To that end we are proud to be the first crowdfunding advertising services company to offer a plain English guarantee of  all of our crowdfunding promotion services with a clear explanation of our obligations to you and the realistic expectations our clients need to understand.  This applies equally to our general public relations clients launching a book, a film, a product and what have you.

Our crowdfunding promotion performance guarantee gives you confidence and peace of mind. It’s as simple as the policy you could expect from any company you pay for services of any kind: We promise to deliver on all of the crowdfunding PR services you paid us for and assure you we’ll get your message out there to the highest number of people at the lowest possible cost to you.  If at any point time we miss the mark just let us know and we’ll bend over backwards to make everything right for you.   In this way you can sleep like a baby at night knowing that the crowdfunding advertising services you paid us for will be delivered promptly and professionally.

Here’s what that means:

We promise to write and distribute your press release exactly as described. Using the preview link of your crowdfunding campaign or website as the key reference point, we guarantee that we will write, and upon your approval, submit your press release to three newswires: ReleaseWire, Reuters and the Associated Press. We’ll also submit it to up to 30 of the Top Websites Related to Your Project. We’ll give you lots of reports and confirmations and statistics to prove this. If we fail to execute on your press release creation or distribution just let us know and we’ll rectify this for you and fast. (Please note: Our Base level clients are not entitled to top 30 website submission and there aren’t always 30 relevant websites or blogs we could submit your press release. But if there are we will. Heck, we very often go the extra mile and submit to as many as 35 or even 40 possible websites and never ask a client for an extra nickel.)

We guarantee that our Base and Plus clients will have their press release published by no less than 175 media and news websites across the United States. We almost double that guarantee to 325 websites for our Pro and Ultimate Tier clients That means that if you’re a Pro or Ultimate client you will see your press release text on the number of news and media websites we promise.  If  we get your press release published on 324 websites – just bring this to our attention before your campaign is over and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. Same thing goes for our Base and Plus clients; your press release text WILL be placed on no less than 175 websites and we’ll walk through walls to make this happen.  Just let us know we didn’t make the cut the first time around and we’ll work overtime to make sure we make it happen.  Please note: We’ve never failed to achieve this.  Ever.

We promise to promote a crowdfunding campaign via social media (Google+, Facebook and Twitter) every single day. If we miss our daily duty in social media promotion at any time over the course of your project we’ll extend your social media promotion one week for each day we miss.  Sometimes Google’s got a glitch, Twitter was tweaked or Facebook is flatlined and we don’t expect you to be penalized for this. which is why we ask for some latitude here. And, yeah, we’re only human so once in a great while we might actually goof. Honestly, nobody on our staff can remember a time when we failed to promote a crowdfunding campaign via social media even ONCE. Regardless, we want you to win which is why we’re happy to give you a solid week of extra social media promotion each and every time a single post is missed – whether it’s our fault or not.  (Please note – due to the nature of LinkedIn and Instagram, we don’t promote every project to these networks every single day and some crowdfunding campaigns or websites may not be place-able on LinkedIn or Instagram at all due to their nature and/or lack of suitable imagery.)

We promise to give our clients useful and insightful crowdfunding consulting. For our clients at the Plus and higher tier of our public relations services, you will get the expert crowdfunding advice you are entitled to without fail. If you need us to help you build a crowdfunding campaign from scratch, we will. If you want our input on crowdfunding best practices, you got it. If you have a crowdfunding question we’ll give you the answer. If you want a re-write of your content  we will help you without fail. Just ask us.

Now here’s what our performance guarantee doesn’t mean:

We don’t guarantee that by using our crowdfunding promotion services you will hit your funding goal or raise a particular amount of money. That’s because there’s not any advertising method in the world that can guarantee that anyone will hit their sales quota or make a specific number of sales. This isn’t a “Crowdfund Buzz thing”. This is the reality of the marketing world. Check with any advertiser you want and ask them about their advertising performance guarantees. You’re not going to find one. Not anywhere. Not from any public relations firm or advertising agency on earth. Not with Facebook. Not with Google. Not even with The New York Times or CNN. Or anybody else. We have an EXCELLENT crowdfunding success history that we’re very proud of but not every crowdfunding project we promote succeeds as every website doesn’t hit their sales goals. 65% of all of crowdfunding campaigns fail and there are cases when all of the crowdfunding advertising and promotion in the world won’t change that. Click here for a detailed explanation. After you’ve read that article read this case study of the J Peterman Kickstarter for the clearest possible understanding of this critical concept.

We can’t promise you that a minimum number of people will read your press release or visit your crowdfunding campaign or website. While we are very successful in generating interest in any given project and, on average, our press releases are read by several thousands of people and lots of people visit crowdfunding projects and/or websites through our social media promotion, every campaign is different and every person is different. If people don’t want to read the news in front of them – nobody can make them. If somebody sees one of our Twitter posts and decides not to click to find out more – we have no control over that. Look at it this way: Watch a TV show like The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Don’t record it on TiVo or on any DVR. Watch the whole show — and all the commercials. Do you know how many commercials you’ll see? 16. So will everybody else. Now ask yourself this — Are you going to take action on every one of those sixteen commercials? Of course not. Will every single person decide to buy or place an order after each and every commercial they watch? Of course not. If they did, everybody watching The Big Bang Theory will have two pizzas from two different pizza places, a bag of hamburgers and some milk shakes, a couple of bags of chips, three different cars from three different car makers, a bottle of Wesson oil, pumpkin spice coffee and be holding airline tickets to somewhere before the show was over – and be totally beyond broke too. This exact same logic applies to anyone’s Facebook page or any Google search or anyone reading any newspaper online or in print. Nobody can or does click on every single ad they see and then proceed to place an order. Long story short: Advertising doesn’t always work every single time. Heck, TV viewers would be so busy on the phone ordering all of this stuff they couldn’t actually watch the show! Anybody on Facebook couldn’t play Candy Crush or click “like” on that cute kitten video because they’d be too busy clicking on ads and ordering products and services.

We’re not assuring you that you’ll be published or featured in any given news outlet. We might approach LifeHacker or TechCrunch or Gizmodo or Good Morning America or The Today Show or Fox And Friends on The Fox News Channel and tell them all about your crowdfunding campaign. That doesn’t mean they’re going to book you as a guest on their TV show or feature you on the front page of their website or share news of your crowdfunding campaign at all. We HAVE gotten clients booked on radio and TV and featured on blogs and websites. It happens all the time. But it doesn’t happen EVERY time. Click here for a detailed explanation.

Got all that? Does it make sense to you? If you need more detailed explanations read this Forbes article: Public Relations, Explained  You might also want to visit our Crowdfunding FAQ

Here’s what we are promising: We will do everything you paid us to do – guaranteed.