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Within minutes of signing up as a client for crowdfunding promotion we move fast to deliver our crowdfunding advertising services to you…

Advertising Crowdfunding Campaigns via Social Media Promotion

• Every single day we promote your crowdfunding campaign to our audience of  nearly 45,000 people across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram promoting a crowdfunding campaign across every sector of social media. We’ve spent years growing our social media presence as we reach people who want to keep up with the latest news and trends in crowdfunding and society itself. We’re constantly growing our social media audience to attract larger and larger crowds to crowdfunding projects. We deploy many social media strategies to promote a crowdfunding campaign that will expand awareness of a crowdfunding campaign beyond the people who follow us. (Please note: The promotion of crowdfunding projects on LinkedIn and Instagram is at our discretion depending on the nature of the crowdfunding campaign as it pertains to professional considerations such as finance, career, entrepreneurship, business development and/or the feasibility of their visual media, etc.).

Look at all the crowdfunding buzz we generated in just one hour!

Look at all the crowdfunding buzz we generated in just one hour!

All of our clients enjoy up to SIX MONTHS of social media promotion to help you boost public awareness even before you launch your project, then we turn up the heat to attract potential backers every day your project is live and then follow up with ongoing promotion even after your project ends. This is a powerful tool for Indiegogo projects that go “In Demand” and to anyone else that wants more traffic to their website even after the crowdfunding campaign is truly over.

We’ll Connect You with Journalists Who Want to Talk To You

• Monday through Friday, morning noon and night we get flooded with media requests from reporters looking for experts to help them produce articles, TV show or radio broadcast. We share these media requests with our clients when they pertain to their areas of expertise. This gives you the opportunity to score big publicity. If you want to see crowdfunding PR on steroids then you need to get our emails, talk directly to any of the reporters we’ll put you in touch with and just watch what can happen next.  We’ve helped our clients score epic crowdfunding promotion that would cost anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000 EACH if they had to take out their checkbook and pay for that same level of crowdfunding marketing on the air or in print on their own. Just one powerful media pickup can eclipse all of the crowdfunding advertising you could ever dream of and help you achieve crowdfunding success faster than you can possibly imagine.

We’ll Write a Press Release to Announce Your Crowdfunding Project to the World

• A professional copywriter with over 20 years of experience will study your crowdfunding project and craft an exceptional press release capturing every element and nuance of your project. Your crowdfunding press release will be written with the goal of getting your press release noticed by influential journalists, reporters, bloggers and other members of the media. On top of that, your press release will be optimized for SEO and submitted to all the search engines making news of your crowdfunding campaign easy to find by everyone who uses Google, Yahoo! and Bing every day. We’ve had clients get found on the search engines months and sometimes even years after their crowdfunding project finished and ended up selling more products and making huge distribution deals.

Everyone needs to promote a crowdfunding campaign to the people who matter most. Advertising a crowdfunding project is all about the right audience for your product, service or cause. Crowdfund Buzz makes the press release process seamless by not only writing a crowdfunding press release, but also optimizing your reach with keywords as our crowdfunding promotion services deliver your story to major search engines and national news sites from coast and coast. The result? We generate buzz for crowdfunding campaigns in a way that nobody else can. Sign up for any of our crowdfunding marketing services and see for yourself how many people we reach so swiftly.

Curious? Check out the thousands of crowdfunding press releases we’ve written over the years in our Press Room.

Enhanced Crowdfunding Promotion with a Multimedia Press Release

• Drive engagement and increase views over 500% with multimedia. We include up to four images and embed your project video in the press release. Multimedia is proven to drive engagement. Photos, videos and/or infographics increase press release views by over 500%. Distribute your crowdfunding campaign or website’s multimedia assets and make your message more compelling for readers. We’ve seen much higher click-through-rates and overall engagement when press releases contain images and video. When it comes to crowdfunding promotion it’s all about clicks and traffic.

Your Crowdfunding Press Release Reaches the Press Every Time

• We’ll take your press release to the media via multiple industry-standard newswires to deliver news of your crowdfunding campaign to legions of TV & radio reporters, journalists, news outlets and bloggers who write for the largest newspapers, websites and blogs throughout the world. Moreover, journalists in every industry around the world subscribe to our news feed so they don’t miss a single press release we issue. No other crowdfunding promotion firm has this level of access to the media.

Zero-In on Your Crowdfunding Audience Thanks to Targeted Press Release Submission

• Your crowdfunding publicist will handpick the best editors, reports, show producers, websites and blogs in terms of size, audience reach and popularity then submit your press release to these influential websites directly. This hands-on approach takes crowdfunding PR to a new level with a laser-like focus in reaching the right audience with news of your crowdfunding project. Your press release will be targeted and certain to reach the appropriate news websites, media outlets, journalists and bloggers covering the topic of your crowdfunding campaign or public relations initiative. This puts crowdfunding promotion on a whole new level. That’s because we regularly get our clients featured on the most influential blogs and websites on earth.

You’ll Get a Comprehensive Media Report

• A few days after your press release has been distributed you’ll receive a detailed crowdfunding media report showing you all media engagement of your press release. This includes all TV, Radio and newspaper websites as well as specialized websites who shared your press release with their readers. You’ll see for yourself the powerful PR promotion of a crowdfunding campaign in action. Accompanying your media report will be detailed press release statistics telling you how many people saw your press release and how many people read it, emailed it and even shared it. All of this crowdfunding data gives you powerful insights into your crowdfunding campaign and help you tweak your crowdfunding promotion efforts.

Your Crowdfunding Press Release Will Be Published Across America – Guaranteed.

Our exclusive press release syndication means effective distribution thanks to guaranteed publication of your press release on major news and media outlets coast to coast across the United States.  These trusted information sources include TV, radio, newspapers and industry-specific websites. From the largest newspapers such as the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, The Kansas City Star and the Daily News of Los Angeles to local TV affiliates of CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox in San Diego, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and all over the country as well as radio stations in San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Honolulu and many others as well as local newspapers of every size all across the United States.  All told, your press release is delivered to an audience of anywhere between 20 million and 35 million people coast to coast.

The result? News of your crowdfunding project reaches a huge national audience of millions of potential backers almost overnight. When it comes to effective crowdfunding promotion nothing comes close. In addition, your press release will benefit from enhanced delivery to an army of journalists and editors who can decide to pick up your press release and run with it. Going even further, we will engage in even more precise targeting of your press release to reach journalists covering specific industries, geographical regions and/or topics that relate to your crowdfunding campaign. Please note: While you can be sure the text of your press release is guaranteed to appear on the number of websites promised, we cannot promise the inclusion of your pictures and videos due to factors beyond our control including editorial decisions, formats of the different websites, etc.

You Get a Dedicated Crowdfunding PR Manager

• Once you sign up with Crowdfund Buzz you will be assigned a Personal Account Manager who’ll act in your best interests as your publicist and could be considered your crowdfunding concierge. This crowdfunding professional will be your point of contact during your project and be available to you every day your crowdfunding project is live. They will coordinate with all of our staff help our whole team provide you with the highest level of service in delivering high performance crowdfunding promotion.

Track Your Crowdfunding Traffic

• We track the traffic we send in promoting your crowdfunding project. In addition, we track the sources of your traffic and then we share this data with you in real-time. We use the data to test and improve our services for your project. For example, if we send out a tweet that receives a high number of clicks we’ll tweak it and follow up with similar tweets to improve your social media reaction even more and give your crowdfunding promotion a boost.

Back to your mass media engagement; once we have your press release ready to go our Press Release Submission Services hits all the rights places with the most cost-efficient crowdfunding promotion :

News Websites

• We send your press release out using our press release submission service reaching the most prominent online news websites through the Associated Press, Reuters and ReleaseWire. These websites are trusted news sources that can potentially send thousands of people to your crowdfunding project. Below is a just a small portion of the websites who can receive your press release including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times and many, many others:

General Press

TV / Radio Submissions
• Thanks to the newswires, we deliver your crowdfunding project to hundreds of national and regional TV and radio stations. Crowdfunding is a very popular topic, and as a result their coverage has sent many projects well past their financial goals. Below is a just a small portion of the TV and radio press who could cover your crowdfunding project:

Tv and Radio

Large Distribution Submissions

• Between Reuters, The Associated Press and ReleaseWire, your crowdfunding campaign has endless potential to reach thousands of news and media stations around the world. Our crowfunding PR services are perfect for international crowdfunders as well as US-based crowdfunders looking for the maximum amount of exposure and traffic. Below is a just a small portion of our worldwide news and media stations your crowdfunding project could be covered by:

Global Press

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